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About Us

We are now proud to offer the best CBD + Hemp products available as part of our Altresso Lifestyle collection.


Our company was founded by beauty industry insiders who have over 50 years of combined experience in the beauty products space.

Several years ago, we were searching for natural hair alternatives to traditional products. We discovered there weren’t many, and that those that we reviewed had one or more shortcomings.

So we set out to review the latest research on natural ingredients and healthy hair promotion, and to see if we could do better. The end result of our research is Altresso.

Hair products in the Altresso family are: Effective, and made with well-researched ingredients Natural, and safe to use daily Environmentally friendly Ethically manufactured, cruelty free and PETA certified Altresso products promote a healthy scalp, and improve the condition of your hair over time.

Altresso Lifestyle

We believe that personal wellness is not just a "hobby", but crucial part of self-development and the reason to succeed in life, which should be nurtured every day.

Our mission is to transform personal wellness from just routine to an actual ritual.

After listening to our customers and analyzing several studies we decided to use our expertise in beauty and in CBD products to collect the finest CBD + Hemp products available in the market, test them and then create a catalog of the best choices for Body and Mind that can be a part of your Lifestyle.

We hope you will enjoy the collections of the best CBD and Hemp products we curated special for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us and we wish you an amazing day!

- Altresso Family

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